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When it comes to business, there are two sides; the core requirements which require your expertise, knowledge and experience in order to run the day to day dealings; then there is the other side which deals with the added  services such as Insurance, Energy, Vehicle Leasing, Digital Marketing, Finance, Tax Savings - this is where we come in!

Our aim is simple, we want to save you valuable time whilst saving you money and increasing your profits. Our objectives are simple, we take care of your business essentials such as Energy and Insurance, and then help you grow and develop your business through Digital Marketing, Mobile Apps and Business Finance.

Can you list all of the separate organisations you use for your business services? Do you find yourself using the same supplier because you either just don't have the time or knowledge to understand how to get these services cheaper? Are you wanting to compete with bigger competitors but are not sure how to market your business effectively?

This is why you should allow NDM to provide all of these services under the same roof. We want to take the stress out of your business procurement whilst developing a relationship to take your business to the next level. Our combined service is the new, innovative way to help maximise business revenues whilst saving you valuable time.

Whatever your type of business, we can help. Our strategy is simple. Save on some services, invest in others and watch your business grow...


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Digital Marketing




We Can Deliver

  • Substantial Savings

  • Guaranteed Industry Experts

  • Fully Transparent Commission and Fees

  • Best Deals on the Market

  • Improved Bottom Line

  • Honest Appraisals

  • Local Representatives

  • Save your Business Valuable Time

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Latest Announcements

Honorary Award For Our General Manager

Honorary Award For Our General Manager


NDM Partners General Manager, Mike Dell, has been announced as an Honorary Member of the Black Country Chamber of Commerce.

The Business Expo, which took place on Thursday 26th April, was held at the Grand Station, Wolverhampton.

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Get funded help with your marketing

Get funded help with your marketing

You hear it time and time again; marketing your business effectively is vital; and this has never been truer.

There are so many reasons why it is important to ensure you are making the most of your online presence, and marketing your business successfully, however we do understand it can be extremely time-consuming and costly.

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Businesses are burning away money

Businesses are burning away money

Your Business Energy

Millions of people are rolling up bundles of £20 notes and setting them alight to keep warm – or at least they may as well be.

It has been discovered that 40% of businesses and 60% of homes are sticking to the big six standard energy tariffs, meaning they are typically overpaying for their energy.

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Straight talking business – face to face!
We have specialist, experienced and professional agents across the UK, who are waiting for you to get in touch. They will work as your dedicated case manager to ensure they get you the best returns, for the best prices.

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